I have spent too many years,

Staring into the mirror on the wall,

Which only magnifies the imperfection,

Back to my smiling face.

I have spent too many days,

Trying to be the pillar of optimism,

That keeps up the facade,

Even when everything is not okay.

I have spent too many nights,

Covering up my tears and pain,

With an insecurity blanket made

Of laughter and lies.

I have spent too many hours, 

Watching those carefree girls who

Reflect the perfection of female beauty,

Which I will never have.

I have spent too much time, 

Stepping up onto a scale,

Only to measure my inability

To succeed at the smallest goals. 

I have spent almost nineteen years,

Living in this world,

And just now I am beginning to wonder, 

If I have ever really lived at all.

 Kathryn Litzenberger


Look within

Most of the qualities that make me beautiful aren’t visible. I’m beautiful for what’s on the inside. I don’t have a perfect shape. I don’t have the face of a movie star. Actually, I have the face of a thirteen year old girl, pimples and all. But when I’m trying to make myself look physically pretty and beautiful, I use my personality.
Stephanie Hoehn

No Figure In My Utopian World

This is the post excerpt.

In my utopian world

There would be no perfect figure.

Young women wouldn’t strive

To look like one another.

Young souls wouldn’t shatter

In disappointment to look

Like the thin.

Beauty would only be found

From within.

Supermodels in our society would be Mother Teresa types,

So loving, beautiful and gifted inside.

Too fat ..

Too thin..

Too short..

Too tall..

It’s all a game,

A game we no longer

Have to play.

If we lived in mu utopian world

Human figures would be

The last talk of the day.

Wearing a bathing suit wouldn’t 

Be as hard as it is.

Young girls wouldn’t harm

Their bodies to please their peers.

If we lived in my Utopian world.

There would be no perfect figure. 

Only perfect love. 
– Biana Gamble