About Me

I wanted to write about this for the longest time now. My teen age years were not very comforting. In fact they were far from it! Such a time that was- having boyfriend issues, pimples that would come just at the worst time ever and the weight gain and the stretch marks it accompanied despite my numerous sacrifices on all sorts of chocolate cakes, pies or anything sweet for that matter. And nobody seemed to understand! My parents thought my problems were ‘silly’, and my siblings -they made fun of me, and my friends well, they were going through their own problems. 

Reading helped. Knowing that people around me faced similar problems and were able to overcome them gave me hope. 

This blog is to do just that. Whatever I write here is not written by me particularly, but by people like us from all over the world. I have collected stuff from numerous books and sites online that helped me. I only thought putting it all together in one single place can help a lot of people. 

Remember, you are not alone.